JMG Cranes

JMG cranes is a subdivision of Compart Italia, a global leading group in the field of industrial mobile cranes. JMG Cranes was founded in Milan in 2007 by a well-known business manager with over 20 years of experience in the industrial mobile crane market, Mr Maurizio Manzini.

JMG Cranes is an innovative manufacturer of industrial electric Pick & Carry cranes. JMG cranes are used for all kinds of work in the industry and construction. The carrying capacity, the compact machine and their mobility make the cranes extremely suitable for (industrial) removals and installation work where material also needs to be transported indoors. Moreover, the Pick & Carry cranes are electrically driven (battery) making it possible to use them both in and outdoors. Furthermore, they leave no traces on the surface.

Collé Rental & Sales has a wide range of JMG products. Cranes for different types of pick and carry work. Collé supplies the following categories of JMG Cranes.


Mini cranes

These compact electrically driven JMG mini-cranes combine large lifting capacity with a compact machine. The electrically driven mini-cranes are suitable for indoor work and leave no traces on surfaces. The cranes are also suitable for industrial lifting and hoisting work where the load also has to be transported indoors.
 JMG mini cranes

 Collé Rental & Sales is dealer & importeur van JMG Pick & Carry Cranes in:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg