Success is guaranteed with Collé Events

Collé is also the place to go to for special events. With Collé’s range of products, it is possible to turn any location into an event site. From a reception to a large-scale, multi-day event, we can take care of all the work for you. We erect and dismantle the entire event and also take care of all your electricity & lighting and transport & storage needs.

We want to make things as easy as possible for you, which is why we have a single point of contact for the full coordination of your event.

Assembly and disassembly

Collé Rental & Sales has a variety of machines for erecting and dismantling events. Whether you need a telehandler, an aerial work platform or a fork-lift truck, with the machines from Collé Rental & Sales, you are guaranteed that your event will be quickly and efficiently erected and dismantled. Collé’s employees will take care of everything for you.

Collé Rental & Sales’ range of machines includes telehandlers, elevated work platforms, fork-lift trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles for the erection and dismantlement of events

Power & lighting

A reliable power supply and excellent lighting can make or break an event. We know better than anybody else how essential the power supply and lighting are during your event. Collé Rental & Sales has a wide range of power and lighting equipment. We will ensure that you always have the correct equipment for your event, regardless of your specific needs and any peak demands. Collé Rental & Sales has power generators, mobile floodlights, fuel tanks and all the connecting equipment for the power and lighting equipment for your event.

 Collé Events takes care of the assembly and dis- assembly of your event, and also provides ground transportation, lighting, power and storage.


Storage and transport

It is important that you have extra storage and transport capacity during your event. Collé Rental & Sales has a variety of products which will allow you to quickly create temporary storage space. We also have various four-wheel drive vehicles / gators, especially for events. Their speed and their ability to be used on rough terrain make them efficient to use. We also have special models, including a four-wheel drive vehicle which can be used as a fire truck.

Collé Rental & Sales provides four-wheel drive vehicles/gators, storage containers and electronic road signs for all your transport and storage needs during your event.