Collé, your partner for every project

Collé Rental & Sales (with branches in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium) is the specialist for the hire and sale of machines for construction, industry, excavation, cleaning, internal transport, gardens & parks and events, as well as for the accompanying service.

As an importer and dealer of various renowned brands, Collé Rental & Sales is a leading company in the fields of excavation, aerial work platforms, gardens & parks and construction. More than 120 years of quality and service guarantee a wide range of products, competitive prices and excellent service.

Your experienced service partner

With more than 120 years of experience, Collé Rental & Sales is your partner for the hire of machines for construction, industry, excavation, cleaning, internal transport, gardens & parks and events. Hiring from Collé Rental & Sales means security and ease! You will use almost new machines which you hire at competitive prices in combination with excellent service. You will be working with a partner that places great importance on your needs and who knows what is going on in your sector. Thanks to the strategic positioning of our branches, we are able to offer competitive prices.

Delivery of machinery

Collé Rental & Sales guarantees quick and reliable delivery of its machines. We take care of the transport ourselves and deliver to where you want us to. On request, our experienced drivers give clear instructions on how to use the machines. You can also count on Collé’s great after-delivery service. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, our 24-hour service will quickly be of assistance.


In most cases, the cause of damage is human error. Damage, which is the result of errors or inattentiveness, is caused in an instant. The (financial) consequences of damage are usually unforeseen. They

  Almost new and well- maintained machines
  Renowned brands
  Machines approved by certified personnel
  Always competitive prices
  Professional advice and on-site service
  On-site delivery as you require
  Customized solutions
  A high level of customer

are often felt for months or even years later. And what about the loss of your reputation or the loss of a client because the damage is not dealt with correctly? Many companies regard this as their biggest business risk.

The continuity of your company is also very important to us. That is why we offer various options to transfer the risks involved in the use of our machines to a professional insurance company. In the unlikely event of damage, a team of professionals will be on hand to ensure that everything is dealt with as smoothly as possible. They will also give you professional support to limit or prevent the consequences of damage to your image.

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