Safety & Training

Working with Collé Safety & Training is the right choice for every professional in construction, the industry and/or petrochemical industry. Whether it’s a product training, safety training or refresher training courses, our training courses allow your employees to work safely and efficiently. Collé Rental & Sales was founded over 100 years ago, which has a clear advantage with respect to the considerable experience of our company. Collé considers sharing this knowledge absolutely necessary to guarantee the occupational safety of employees and the accompanying (work) environment. That is why we offer high-quality product and safety courses at a fair price!


Collé Safety & Training offers a number of advantages:

Training courses where you want them and when you want them, Collé has its own training facility where we offer your employees both theoretical and practical training courses. Our training facility (± 3,000m²) is fully equipped and all machines are available for the courses. Of course, you may find it important for the training courses be offered at your own location at your preferred time. We arrange this for you, as we want our training courses to be in line with practice!

The correct certificates, always and fast

Thanks to Collé Safety & Training you always have the correct certificates. In addition to the paper certificate, you are also provided with a handy credit-card sized pass, ensuring you always have your proof of certification at hand. Of course, we also see to it that the safety course certificates are extended on time, so that there are no surprises in store for you.

For and by professionals

Our training courses are put together and taught by experienced, certified professionals who are in line with practice. Safety requirements often change and we therefore always ensure that our training courses tie in with current regulations. In doing so we appreciate the experiences of our clients and try to continually improve our training courses based on client evaluations.

Personal attention

Our unique working method ensures every course member is given a great deal of personal attention. Small course groups and clear training material help participants to achieve positive results.


Collé Rental & Sales is a dealer and/or importer of various leading brands. We receive all the information on the machines directly from the manufacturer which is then incorporated in our training courses. The latest machines are used in the training courses, which are therefore always up-to-date.

Tailored training courses are possible

It is also possible to follow a tailored product training or safety course. Based on your requirements we put together a training course and to provide you with every convenience, we can give the course at your location, provided that this location meets the training and exam requirements. Our professionals are happy to offer input with respect to safety and training!

 Safety symbols

Collé Rental & Sales wishes to excel in caring for health, safety and the environment by continuously working to improve our awareness, understanding and performance in these areas. It goes without saying that we find safety to be as important as you do. Good personal protective equipment is essential in this.

The symbols below specify which protective equipment we advise:

safety gloves  Safety gloves
safety boots  Safety shoes
safety helmet  Safety helmet
safety hearing  Hearing protection
safety goggles  Eye protection
safety fall  Fall protection